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What is a Salinity Refractometer?

Maintaining a saltwater aquarium means trying to mimic, as close as possible, the natural composition of seawater. The most basic parameter to do this is salinity. Salinity is defined as the amount of dissolved salts in water. Natural seawater has … Continue reading

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The Marine Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle

So now that we have the rock and sand in our tank, we now need to wait for the tank to “cycle.” The “cycle” is the marine aquarium nitrogen cycle and it is very important to know when setting up … Continue reading

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How to Make Saltwater For Your Aquarium

Having never owned an aquarium before, I was not aware that water needed to be changed on a regular basis. For saltwater, this means making saltwater before performing a water change. See below for how to make saltwater for your … Continue reading

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