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Our Scooter Dragonet is eating fish pellets!

We have spent weeks catering to our Scooter Dragonet’s finicky eating habits by feeding him only live food such as Reef Pods and Brine Shrimp. We even made him a special feeding container and put it in the corner of … Continue reading

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Feeding our Scooter Dragonet

I had written previously about our newest addition to our aquarium, a Scooter Dragonet, and promised to write further concerning his feeding. Dragonet’s are considered finicky eaters, preferring only live food, so to begin we purchased some Reef Pods to … Continue reading

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Scooter Dragonet

Before our recent Ich breakout we purchased a fish at Preuss Pets in Lansing, MI. He was advertised as a Scooter Blenny, but with research discovered he is not actually a Blenny at all. He is from the Dragonet family … Continue reading

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