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The Marine Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle

So now that we have the rock and sand in our tank, we now need to wait for the tank to “cycle.” The “cycle” is the marine aquarium nitrogen cycle and it is very important to know when setting up … Continue reading

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What is a Filter Sock and How to Change it?

What is a filter sock and how to change it? A filter sock is a fine mesh filter that removes any large detritus (non-living particulate organic matter) as water filters from the main tank to the sump. Andy custom made … Continue reading

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Getting A Saltwater Aquarium Up and Running

Getting a Saltwater Aquarium Up and Running: Once the stand was built and put into place, we put the tank on top (which was quite heavy I might add), and leveled it using composite shims. We used composite shims so … Continue reading

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Choosing Between Glass and Acrylic Acquariums

Being new to owning an aquarium, I was not aware that aquariums were made of anything but glass, but acrylic is also an option. There are pros and cons to both that are important to know before choosing between glass … Continue reading

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Building your own Aquarium Sump

I decided that building your own aquarium sump is important for a few reasons. One, I am a very hands on guy and I like at least attempting to build something myself, albeit that I am not that good at … Continue reading

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How to Choose a Pet Store?

While researching and planning our saltwater aquarium, it has been recommended in our reading that we find a quality aquarium retail store to help us with our endeavor. But how to choose a Pet Store among the many out there? … Continue reading

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Correct Grammar: Fish or Fishes?

What is the correct grammar: Fish or Fishes? Something that has struck me immediately while researching saltwater aquariums was the use of the word “fishes”. Not being the most grammatically correct user of words as it is, I was still … Continue reading

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