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Aquarium Cooling Fan Failure

Over a Holiday weekend recently, our aquarium cooling fan stopped working. We discovered this because our Apex Aquacontroller alerted us to increased temperatures in the tank. With most shops not open, or on shorter hours, and an hour drive to … Continue reading

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Yikes! A zoa eating nudibranch! What Can Be Done?

I took this photo a few days after discovering our first nudibranch. The eye-catching fluorescent green made it easy to spot on the base of our Lobo coral. Despite how beautiful it is, we believe it to be a Zoanthid-eating … Continue reading

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We recently discovered a tiny nudibranch crawling on the glass of our aquarium. We put it under the microscope and captured this video. Under the blue T5 lights of the aquarium, this nudibranch is highly colorful, fluorescing bright green. The … Continue reading

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New Corals

Our newest corals come mostly from the recent coral swap in Lansing, but also from our LFS. We have learned to dip any new corals in a coral dip before putting them in our main tank. You can read about … Continue reading

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Resolution for the New Year

With all the Holiday’s and traveling, I have barely had time to sit down and write a blog post, let alone keep up on aquarium maintenance. I’m not sure how I would do it if I was keeping an aquarium … Continue reading

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Our New Aquascape

Andy has not been happy with our aquascaping for quite some time, while I have maintained the thought that it looks “just fine”. But, if Andy is one thing, it is persistent, and finally tracked down someone that would come … Continue reading

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Nassarius Snails

The Mexican Turbo Snails did a great job cleaning up the hair algae in our tank, but with all that input, there is bound to be output; and boy was there a lot of it! To help clean up all … Continue reading

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Coralline Algae

When maintaining an aquarium, a lot can change over a small amount of time without your notice, until someone who hasn’t seen the aquarium in a few months exclaims about it’s progress. Coralline algae has helped to age our tank, … Continue reading

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