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This purple growth is Cyanobacteria, often thought of as algae, but is in fact a bacteria that uses photosynthesis for energy. It is commonly referred to as “Red Slime Algae” even though the name Cyanobacteria translates to “blue-green”. Despite the … Continue reading

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Diatom Bloom

Diatoms are sometimes referred to as microalgae, brown algae, or golden algae and can be very unsightly to look at in a reef tank. We are currently experiencing a “bloom” of diatoms and researching the possible causes and solutions. From … Continue reading

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Microscopic photo’s of the mysterious white growth

We are still stumped by this white hair-like growth that remains consistent in our tank. Here are a couple of microscopic images that we are hoping will help us identify it. To me, these images look very plant-like, rather than … Continue reading

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