Returning Corals to our LFS

We learned just how fragile stony corals can be when we purchased our Pocillopora coral and accidentally broke it  into 4 small pieces before we even got him into the tank. When this happened we super-glued each small piece onto rocks and placed them in our aquarium to see how they would fare. Not only did they survive, they thrived, and within a month grew quite a bit larger in size. This left us with 4 Pocillopora’s that we didn’t really want or need, so we chose two to go back to Preuss Pets, where we purchased it originally. I was surprised when I learned that Preuss’s would not only take the corals back, but would essentially buy them back from us. We purchased the single piece of Pocillopora (before it broke) for roughly $30-$40. When we took the fragments back, they had grown to a size that allowed us to get $35 for the pair! We used this as store credit on our next purchase. This exchange is great because over time we will have many corals that will out grow our tank and need to be cut down to size. It is good to know we can then take them back to Preuss’s and not only get money or store credit for them, but also allow another aquarist to buy a coral that has been grown in captivity, and not harvested from the ocean. It’s a win-win all around!

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