Returning our Goby to the fish store

After weeks of watching our largest Sharknose Goby terrorize the smaller one, we finally caught him and put him into the sump until we could figure out what to do with him.

Secluding him for a few days and then re-introducing him to the tank (a time-out if you will) seemed to work at first, but within a week he was back to his old antics, bullying the smaller Goby. He even looks mean in this picture!

We called Preuss Pets, where we purchased him, and they said they would take him back for half price. We paid only $20 for him, and was not concerned about getting money back, but rather simply getting him out of our tank! And getting him to a home that better suits him. We have decided that for our tank we want a docile environment, not a hectic one with fish at constant odds with each other. This is one reason we have been slow to purchase new fish. Making sure to buy fish that are known to interact well with the fish we currently have takes some time to research. Not to mention simply catching them if they act up; that can be quite a chore!

Now that he is gone the smaller Goby’s personality has really perked up. He is a very curious fish, always swimming toward any new object put into the tank while all the other fish swim away. He can now eat and lounge (they do not have swim bladders and swim poorly, so they mostly perch on objects) without constantly being chased and harassed.

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  1. Grandma Moon says:

    That little goby didn’t know a good thing when you adopted him, now he has to go back to the orfanage, I don’t feel sorry for him too many bullies in the world.

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