Reef Chili Reef Aquarium Food

Since we started our tank, we have varied the food for our fish, corals, and reef so much that we currently have 6 different types we use. We use everything from Phyto Feast, Arcti Pods, Tigger Pods, fish pellets, Mysis Shrimp, and Oyster Feast. So when we read rave reviews about a product called Reef Chili Reef Aquarium Food, we had to try it.

Reef Chili Reef Aquarium Food

Reef Chili is a dried product, whereas all of the other product we use, except the fish food, are liquid or frozen products. Reef Chili is also unique as it is not made of one type of food. It is made of 7 different types of ingredients, all of which are beneficial for all of the filter feeders in our tank, as well as our corals, and even our fish. For $12.99 we purchased a 0.75 oz bottle, which might not seem like much, but the scoop that is included is tiny, about 1/16th teaspoon. One to two of these scoops is all we have been using every couple of days. The recommended dose is 1 scoop per 20 gallons roughly.

The dried product is mixed with 1/2 cup of tank water and let sit for 30 seconds to re-hydrate the food. It can then be poured directly into the high flow area of the tank, or used to target feed corals.

The moment we put this product in our tank all of the creatures we thought were probably still in our tank, that we have seen glimpses of in the past, yet never or rarely see, came crawling out or extended arms, hoping to catch the particles of food. We saw three brittle stars, our bristle worm came out, and vermetid snails could be seen. The elusive peppermint shrimp showed himself and both emerald crabs popped up to see what was going on. And our fish went crazy! They zoomed around the tank chasing tiny bits of this stuff!

The next night when our corals had their feeder tentacles out we target fed them and they seemed to enjoy being fed. It is too early to tell if Reef Chili improves their growth or color, but the reaction of the rest of the tank’s inhabitants proves that this food is a keeper.

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