Our Scooter Dragonet is eating fish pellets!

We have spent weeks catering to our Scooter Dragonet’s finicky eating habits by feeding him only live food such as Reef Pods and Brine Shrimp. We even made him a special feeding container and put it in the corner of our aquarium, tolerating its ugliness until we could make sure he was eating enough to survive.

We are thrilled to report that as of Monday, he is eating pellet food! This may not sound like a big deal, but it is such a big deal. Many aquarists report that the biggest hurdle of keeping a dragonet, is getting them to eat food that isn’t alive; food that is nutritious and easy, such as the fish pellets we feed all the other fish. We will no longer have to prepare special food, or use a special container just for him. We will no longer have to try different types of frozen or freeze dried food to see what he will eat and will not eat. We are ecstatic and also relived to know that he is eating food that is so much more nutritious for him than the Brine Shrimp we had been feeding. This seemingly simple change means that he should survive for quite some time in our tank!

We had to get a video, of course, of him eating a pellet, otherwise no one would believe us! (Apologies for the darkness)


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