Our New Aquascape

Andy has not been happy with our aquascaping for quite some time, while I have maintained the thought that it looks “just fine”. But, if Andy is one thing, it is persistent, and finally tracked down someone that would come to our house and re-aquascape our tank. That person happens to be an employee of Preuss Pets, whose work we admire in Preuss’s SPS tank every time we make a trip to the store.

Here is our tank before (old aquascape):

You will notice that all of our corals were sitting on the substrate because we were waiting to re-work the rock before placing them, as well as unsure where to place some of them.

Here is the new aquascape:

I thought our tank was “just fine”, but once the new aquascape was done, I couldn’t believe the transformation. I feel that the tank looks more real now; the way a real reef might look. This new layout also gives us much more surface area in which to place corals.

Needless to say, Andy is happy with the tank, and I am no longer “just fine” with the aquascape. I am ecstatic!

Another great thing about having someone that knows reef aquariums come to our house and re-do our aquascape, is that they get to see our tank first hand and let us know how we are doing and how things look. There will be more on how we were graded and what we learned from him next week!

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