Mint Chocolate Chip Coral

Every time we go to “just look” at Preuss Pets, we always come home with something. Our most recent purchase is this beautiful coral. It is a Zoanthid coral and called Mint Chocolate Chip coral. I think we got a great deal too at $15.00!

When trying to identify the names of corals (if the store doesn’t know the name), especially with Zoanthids, we find that a coral we purchased will look slightly different from other pictures of the same named coral posted from other aquarists or from ID sites such as When searching for images of other Mint Chocolate Chip Zoanthids I find many other similar green and brown zoanthids, but none the same as the one I purchased, even though they share the same name. For some aquarists this may be annoying, but I like to think of it as my coral being unique. A unique coral for my unique aquarium.

Mint Chocolate Chip Coral

Zoanthids are very hardy corals and come in a large variety of colors and sizes. They are fast growing as well and blanket rocks quickly.

Zoanthid coral can be very toxic, so wearing eye protection and gloves when placing them in your tank is important. There have been numerous accounts of people having to be treated from exposure to zoanthid toxins. Washing your hands after is also a good idea.

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  1. Grandma Moon says:

    Looks like a plate of Chocolate chip cookie, interesting!

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