Marine Ich Conclusion

Well, our Goby hasn’t been seen in 2 days, so I believe he has died. We came home from work and found him breathing heavily and immediately set up the hospital tank. We waited an hour for the saltwater to come up to temp, went to net him out, and he was no where to be seen. We watched for him the rest of the night and the next day, but we were too late.

With this conclusion I have to ask myself how I will handle the next Ich breakout. In hindsite, I think because of his size (being so small) and with the amount of Ich he had on him, I should have pulled him out sooner. Stressing him out by removing him from the tank may have led to his death anyway while being treated in the hospital tank, but I think next time it will be worth the risk.

When our male clownfish came down with Ich however, he had no problems surviving it in the display tank. He was  2-3 times the size of the Goby and had much less Ich on him and I wonder if this plays a big part of fighting it.

We also had a Chromis die this past week too. We don’t think it was from Ich, as we hadn’t noticed any on him. He just didn’t show up for feeding time one day.

What I have noticed with both fish that died, is that there is no body to be found. We must have enough scavengers in the tank to dispose of the body, such as bristle worms. I know we have at least 3 in our tank.

We have performed ammonia testing since to make sure a decaying fish somewhere in the tank is not causing excess ammonia that could potentially kill the other fish. Ammonia, as well as every other test we performed was with range.

Another thing I have learned about keeping a reef tank over the last 7 or 8 months, is that issues like Ich that in the beginning seemed to be huge problems that we stressed out over have become less severe and our reactions less knee-jerk as time goes by. The whole process of maintaining a reef aquarium becomes a big experiment. When an issue pops up we research all the options and opinions and make a decision from there. When our first fish came down with Ich right after we set up our tank, we stressed out a lot over it, made lots of phone calls, and spent several days worrying about it. We even started wondering if we were up for the challenge of keeping a saltwater aquarium. We learned very quickly, because of all of the little issues that pop up all the time, to chill out and take things in stride.


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