How to Identify Corals

We purchased this pretty Zoanthid coral at Preuss’s (for only $15!) but forgot to ask its name. I called back and they said they were not sure since it was brand new, and I should use an ID site to find its name. They recommended as a good source to ID many corals, especially zoanthids.

At first I thought they were Goochster’s, but upon closer inspection I now believe they are Blue Eyed Devils.

This site is not only great to identify unknown corals, but also to view other corals you wish to purchase in the future, or to just see all of the variety out there. There are vast numbers and it takes a long time to identify a coral, especially if you don’t even know what class of coral the specimen belongs, but before long you are so caught up in looking at the diversity and colors that time goes by very quickly.

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