Duncan Coral

Our most recent coral is a Duncan coral. It is an LPS (Large Polyp Stony) coral, and is native to Western and Northern Australia and the South China Sea, preferring deeper waters, which is why it prefers low to moderate lighting and low water flow. I have read however, that moderate water flow is acceptable as well.

Duncan Coral

When we acquire new corals, we typically set them on the substrate in a location with the flow rate that was recommended.  We watch them for a few weeks to see how they react. Since flow rate and lighting recommendations for corals can vary from website to website or salesman to salesman, this allows us to see for ourselves how each coral responds, no matter the recommendations.

The Duncan coral uses photosynthesis so low lighting is adequate, but target feeding the coral with a meaty food is recommended. We have frozen mysis shrimp that can be used, as well as Arcti Pods, and Oyster Feast. “He” has also responded well to dried fish pellets as well as Reef Chili.

The Duncan is by far the most responsive coral we have seen, and by simply glancing at him can tell whether he seems happy and healthy. He opens up hugely at night and responds instantly when fed. He also places his tentacles into his mouth when he captures food, almost like he is licking his fingers. All in all, a nice addition to our reef!

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