Dissappearing Coral

Within a week’s time, our King Midas Gold Zoanthids have completely disappeared. Each day a few more polyps would shrivel and simply be gone the next time we looked. We were perplexed as to the reason, as all of our other corals seemed to be OK.


Up to this point we had been dosing for KH, but not as regularly as we should have. All other water parameters were within normal range. We took a water sample to our LFS for them to perform water tests for us. What they found was that our KH was quite low, and that was probably our culprit for the disappearing Zoanthids.

We now make sure that we are more diligent about our KH dosing. With the amount of coral we have, and the Coralline algae we have continually spreading, it is a constant struggle to keep it at adequate levels. We may be purchasing our dosing product in bulk very soon!

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  1. Grandma Doris says:

    It must be frustrating as well as educational perhaps costly, however; most enjoyable I am sure. Between your four legged babies and fish must bring lots of laughs. Enjoy! Loves

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