Cleaner Shrimp are Great Addition to Reef Tanks

Cleaner Shrimp are Great Addition to Reef Tanks Clean Up Crew. Here’s why:

Cleaner Shrimp are Great Addition to Reef Tanks

The Cleaner Shrimp has the scientific name of Lysmata amboinensis, but  goes by many common names such as the Skunk Cleaner, Scarlet Cleaner, Scarlet Skunk Cleaner, Pacific White Striped Cleaner, and the Pacific White Banded Cleaner. Whatever you decided to call him, he is as his named describes, a cleaner. That is why they make such  great additions to reef tanks. They are obsessive about cleaning and are constantly picking at everything.

Cleaner Shrimp will set up “cleaning stations” in reef tanks as well as in nature, where fish will come and be cleaned of parasites and debris. They have even been known to clean the mouths of larger fish and eels.

It is important to keep the salinity stable for these little guys, as well as Nitrates. I have read that they have low tolerance to these two parameters in particular.

We currently only have one Cleaner Shrimp, but will probably get a few more. The one we currently have comes out at feeding time to snatch up any pellets that fall onto the substrate. Most of the time though, he stays to himself. Once we get a few more fish I’m sure he will become more active. He currently sticks to one spot in the tank and doesn’t venture outside of his hide-out much.

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