Calibrating our pH probe

Our Aquacontroller has a pH probe, and because pH is so important to life and death in the tank, we want to make sure it is reading correctly. To do this, we purchased some calibration solution.

This calibration solution is called PINPOINT, made by American Marine Inc. and is very inexpensive.

To calibrate, the Aquacontroller needs to be put in pH calibration mode. The controller will prompt you to immerse the pH probe into the solution with a pH of 7.000. You then press “Go” and it will make any adjustments needed, and will then prompt you to repeat the process with the other solution.

The accuracy of this solution is plus or minus 0.002 at room temperature (25 degrees Celsius). We will probably do this every six months, or any time we feel there may be a problem with our pH probe.

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  1. Grandma Moon says:

    OH, this is all too much work for my old age I sure do enjoy your fish and information.

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