Buying Live Rock

After hours online looking at different types of live rock and calculating how much we wanted to spend, we ended up buying live rock at Preuss Pets in Lansing instead of ordering online.  What we liked about their live rock is that it is fully cured and will need only a week to adjust in our own tank. We could pick it up and be home and have it in the tank within a couple of hours, versus having the rocked shipped from thousands of miles away, taking much longer. The price was right at $5.99 per pound for live rock, and $3.99 per pound for base rock in that we got to pick out our own pieces. When ordering online you are unaware of the shapes and sizes of rocks you will be getting. We sorted through everything Preuss Pets had and came home with lots of great shapes for our aquascape.

We went with 50 pounds of standard Fiji rock, and 30 pounds of base rock. The other reason we went with Preuss Pet’s is that other online stores were out of the Fiji live rock, which is what we wanted for our tank. Preuss’s placed the rock in styrofoam coolers and covered the rock in wet paper towel for the trip home.

Buying Live Rock    Buying Live Rock

Buying Live Rock     Buying Live Rock

Buying Live Rock    Buying Live Rock

Ideally the aquascaping would be done right away, but we learned that it is much harder than it looks. For today, we put the rock into the tank and will tackle the layout throughout the week. We will be using PVC piping to help support the rock and form it into the shapes we want. Zip-ties will also be used to tie the rocks to the PVC.

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