Battling Marine Ich- Day 5

Well, this will probably be my last post on our Sharknose Goby with Marine Ich for a while. He not only still has it, but is still acting and eating normally. I expect to find him not doing well when I come home every day, but instead he seems not to mind at all that a parasite that could potentially kill him is growing all over him.

The only “treatment” we are doing is to continue soaking our fish food in garlic, and have since our first Marine Ich breakout months ago. A suggested treatment that we choose not to use is UV lighting. We choose not to use it because it is quite expensive and there is some debate as to it’s effectiveness as well as if it is even beneficial for your tank.

We will just continue to watch him as well as the other fish and see what happens. You can read about our first Marine Ich breakout here, and our most recent battle against it here, and here. You can also checkout a forum post with the debates about treating Ich here. More to come later, and hopefully with good news!

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