Battling Marine Ich- Day 2

Following up from our previous post concerning our Sharknose Goby with what appeared to be Marine Ich.

Well, it does look like Marine Ich, and from our forum post, no one has suggested it as anything else. Our Goby is still very active and eating well so we are not concerned yet that he will die. He still has a lot of Ich on him, although less than yesterday.

We have a hospital tank and some saltwater mixed up in case we need to remove him quickly. However, we won’t remove him unless he appears very distressed and has problems breathing. This goes against what a lot of hobbyist do when asked about how to treat Ich. Most people would remove the fish immediately and begin treatment with chemicals or hyposalinity, and increased temperature.

See our previous post to read about our first encounter with Marine Ich. You can also view our initial forum post questioning treatment and the responses from other aquarists.

Our reasoning not to remove the Goby is that catching the fish and removing him from his environment stresses him, thus stressing his immune system. When fighting Ich, a fish needs every advantage and as little stress as possible. This is why we don’t remove him from the main tank.

Aquarists will argue that this doesn’t help to depopulate the Ich from the tank, and that should be the goal. Our view however, is that Ich is more than likely always going to be present and we need to keep our fish as healthy as possible to fight it when outbreaks occur.

More to come over the next few days…


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