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Homemade Neptune Apex Breakout Box

Thought I would share my just finished and tested (and works wonderfully) Neptune Apex Breakout Box. 😉 The Cable that plugs into the Apex is the same connector that Apple serial printers of yesterday used so they are cheap and … Continue reading

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Amphipod Cleaning Sand… One Piece At a Time!

Check out this Amphipod cleaning sand… one piece at a time! I caught this little guy scurrying out as quickly as he can from his hole and grabbing a single piece of sand and then dragging it back to his … Continue reading

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Building your own Aquarium Sump

I decided that building your own aquarium sump is important for a few reasons. One, I am a very hands on guy and I like at least attempting to build something myself, albeit that I am not that good at … Continue reading

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