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Why Does a Tiger Tail Sea Cucumber Split and is it Normal?

A month or two after we purchased our Tiger Tail Sea Cucumber, it appeared that the sea cucumber splitĀ in two, each half taking up residence at opposite ends of the tank. This was a surprise to us as we were … Continue reading

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Injured Blue-Green Chromis

In April 2012 we purchased 3 Blue-Green Chromis. It seems that Chromis are always at odds with each other, always picking and chasing each other. Six months after we purchased them, one of them simply stopped showing up at feeding … Continue reading

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Pistol Shrimp & Watchman Goby Pair

The newest additions to our tank are a Pistol Shrimp and a Watchman Goby. These two animals are usually purchased as a pair because they work and live together, and have a very unique relationship. The Pistol Shrimp is blind, … Continue reading

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Aquarium Cooling Fan Failure

Over a Holiday weekend recently, our aquarium cooling fan stopped working. We discovered this because our Apex Aquacontroller alerted us to increased temperatures in the tank. With most shops not open, or on shorter hours, and an hour drive to … Continue reading

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Yikes! A zoa eating nudibranch! What Can Be Done?

I took this photo a few days after discovering our first nudibranch. The eye-catching fluorescent green made it easy to spot on the base of our Lobo coral. Despite how beautiful it is, we believe it to be a Zoanthid-eating … Continue reading

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We recently discovered a tiny nudibranch crawling on the glass of our aquarium. We put it under the microscope and captured this video. Under the blue T5 lights of the aquarium, this nudibranch is highly colorful, fluorescing bright green. The … Continue reading

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Photographing an Aquarium

We currently use a Cannon PowerShot SD850 IS digital camera to take pictures of our aquarium. It’s a decent enough little camera, but we have been wanting a new one for a while now, one that will take better images … Continue reading

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New Corals

Our newest corals come mostly from the recent coral swap in Lansing, but also from our LFS. We have learned to dip any new corals in a coral dip before putting them in our main tank. You can read about … Continue reading

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