Aquarium Cooling Fan Failure

Over a Holiday weekend recently, our aquarium cooling fan stopped working. We discovered this because our Apex Aquacontroller alerted us to increased temperatures in the tank. With most shops not open, or on shorter hours, and an hour drive to our favorite pet store, we had to improvise. Our aquarium fan was a 4 inch Coralvue Smart Fan, that would variate the speed of the fan based on the air surrounding the fan’s temperature sensor. While we didn’t have a back-up on hand, we did discover that the cooling fan in my desktop computer was also 4 inches.


The computer fan required a 12 volt power adapter and we found one amongst some random computer junk we had lying around that went to an old HP printer. We soldered it in place and shrink wrapped the solder joints to protect them from water and salt exposure in the aquarium hood.


In the end, we ended up with a very quiet, functioning aquarium fan to get us through until we could purchase a better one. Now that’s what I can improvising!


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