And the results say…

We made a trip to Preuss Pets and had water tested for phosphates on all three water sources. We found that all three sources; the aquarium, the RO/DI holding container, and the water directly from the RO/DI filter, contained no phosphates. This is great news, but rules out phosphates as being the answer to our white-hair growth, and confirms our suspicion that our recent diatom bloom is from the “mini-cycle” of adding a new piece of live rock to the tank. I am very happy to know that our RO/DI holding container is not leaching phosphates as I had feared.

As far as the Cyanobacteria, it’s more than likely just part of the maturation process of our deep sandbed. This process can take several months to a year and and we haven’t even hit six months yet.

A week or so has went by and our diatom bloom is nearly gone, meaning our piece of live rock is now settled in nicely, our Cyanobacteria is still present, and our white hair-like growth is still a mystery. One of the specialists at Preuss’s agrees that the microscopic photo’s look plant-like, not bacterial, and has put some inquiries out for us to another University, but we have yet to hear anything back.

Because this growth is not causing any problems with our tank, I will leave it to rest for now and hope someone will step forward and solve the mystery at some point in time. But if you know my husband, you know that there will be no rest for anyone until he can put a name to this “thing”. God help us all!

Until then… we will continue to enjoy all of the other new things happening in our tank!

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