2013 Michigan Coral Expo & Swap

We have just returned from the 2013 Michigan Coral Expo and Swap!


This year the swap was held in the conference center at the Best Wester Plus Hotel in Lansing. This is a much better location than last year. There are so many people at these swaps, at the previous location it was hard to even move around. This year, there was no shortage of people, even more vendors than I remember from last year, and much more room to move around.


Admission was $10 per person, which included a goodie bag. Inside was a $20 gift certificate to Doctors Foster and Smith, a Doctors Foster and Smith Magazine, as well as a bottle of Instant Ocean Calcium Booster.

Last year, our tank wasn’t set up yet when we went to the expo, so we didn’t come home with any coral. This year however, we purchased 4 new coral and will post pictures of those when they have a chance to setting into our tank.

I think this is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon in the middle of winter; meeting new people, talking about hobbies we all love, and seeing some beautiful coral. We look forward to next year!

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