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Nassarius Snails

The Mexican Turbo Snails did a great job cleaning up the hair algae in our tank, but with all that input, there is bound to be output; and boy was there a lot of it! To help clean up all … Continue reading

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Snails that eat Hair Algae

When we had¬†Emerald Crabs, they¬†were great at decimating hair algae, which we are currently having a problem with. Since we no longer have Emerald Crabs (you can read about catching a crab here), we decided to take a trip to … Continue reading

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Our Scooter Dragonet is eating fish pellets!

We have spent weeks catering to our Scooter Dragonet’s finicky eating habits by feeding him only live food such as Reef Pods and Brine Shrimp. We even made him a special feeding container and put it in the corner of … Continue reading

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Peanut Worm!

While trying to catch suspicious snails in our tank one night (more on that later), we spotted what we think is a Peanut Worm or Sipunculida. He was not in a position for us to be able to remove him … Continue reading

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