10 Month Reef Tank

It has been 10 months since we set up our reef tank. You can compare the pictures below to see how the tank has progressed since last February.


When looking back at our 1 month photo, I can’t even believe that anything survived in this tank. It looks so sterile! Not to mention, our aquascape looks so much better now!

On this note, we recently had our tank’s aquascape re-done by a Preuss Pets employee. Not only did he do a great job, he also assessed our tank for us, letting us know how we have done so far, and what we need to improve on. This is how we graded:

Our fish and coral look healthy, so that was the good news.

Our water quality is very good. We test often and always take a water sample to Preuss’s when we go, allowing us to compare their results with our home tests.

Our overall aquascape was rated a B-, which I think is pretty generous after seeing what an A+ looks like.

Where we fell short, however, was our sandbed. After 10 months, a reef tank sandbed should have many more organisms in it than ours does. Our sandbed is just too clean. We do a fair amount of cleaning of our tank, especially during water changes. We syphon the sandbed most every water change. But in doing this we are depleting the sandbed of all of the beneficial bacteria and organisms.

To remedy this, we need to be feeding phytoplankton (Phyto Feast) daily and for now stop cleaning our sandbed during water changes. The goal is to find a balance in having a “dirty” tank, but with pristine water quality.

After 10 months of reef keeping, I still love it and am looking forward to many more!

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